Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some help is not always better than no help

Last night I heard what sounded like a battle going on our computer room/ my craft room. To my utter horror the picture above is what I found my craft room looking like. There have been times when I have referred to my craft room as my crap room, but nothing prepared me for what met me at the door. What started out as my husband innocently saying he was going to tidy up the computer desk ended up nothing short of a catastrophic disaster. Basket were turned over, nothing was where I left it. My craft table was in a completely different part of the room. Total shelves were now on the floor along with things he just wanted to "sort through".

I am here to report that my husband is alive and unharmed. Believe me the thought to kill him or do bodily harm seriously crossed my mind. In the state of Michigan if you kill your husband after he completely destroys your craft room it is not considered a crime of passion. (Bastards!)

He did "clean" the room as best as he could. I still do have to re-organize my craft room again but I am able to walk around the room without being fearful of being buried alive and having to be pulled from the wreckage.

Although to be honest know is the time to clean and de-stash in just about all my crafting areas. Perhaps I can do that in my "free time". LOL!

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