Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bunnies and Llamas and Sheep Oh My!

Today my mom, little man and I all went to the Fiber Arts Festival in Charlevoix, MI. I'm proud to announce that I merely window shopped and none of the very lovely yarn, kits, books, roving or fleeces came home with me. (Although at the end my mother did have to practically drag me out.)

Little man loved the animals and at times would pet them only after sending Noni in first. (Noni means little grandmother in Italian and is what little man calls my mom.) I have a few pictures of him with the animals.

There were many vendors from all around Michigan selling wonderful things and doing spectacular demonstrations. Everything from felting to spinning to sheep hearding. This has been a family tradition of the three of us going since my son was 1 and could barely walk. (He's four now.)

My hsuband is not into that sort of thing and was just happy that I didn't bring anything home.

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