Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here's a recipe for anyone who wants it

I'm working this weekend and having to be into work by 7 am is made possible only by coffee and multiple alarms set. Needles to say I am not a morning person.

Growing up in the Seattle, Starbucks and their overpriced coffee became a staple for me. Since I no longer live in Seattle (moved to northern Michigan) I have since developed a recipe I love even more than my beloved Starbucks Mocha. So here it is:

Faux Mocha

1 Tbl (Tablespoon) hot cocoa mix
2 Tbl flavored creamer (use your favorite or plain)
3-6 Tbl milk
coffee (whatever you want to use at any strength you like)*

(* or you can use 2 shots espresso and just add more milk)

Mix all together in your favorite mug of your choice.

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